Assemblies, Theme days and visitors update Autumn 1 2020

An update on subjects covered by staff and pupils on a Friday morning in assembly and workshops, talks or groups run by outside agencies or visitors.


Due to the new way we are having to operate our bubbles we postponed assemblies at the beginning of term so that we could focus more on our form groups and their well being. We still celebrated success with Subject awards, Most improved pupil and Pupil of the week awards being given out during our form time review period on a Friday afternoon.

We decided to invest in some new technology that now allows us to hold assemblies virtually so that pupils do not need to congregate but can stay in their form rooms but still take part in the assembly. We ran our first virtual assembly to great success and plan to do many more next half term. The assembly was held to coincide with 'World Mental Health Day' and you can find out more about this below.

Theme days

We decided, as a school, to take part in 'World Mental Health Day 2020' by supporting the Young Minds charity which works to alleviate stigma of mental health issues amongst young people. We did this by taking part in their #HelloYellow day where staff and pupils all wore a yellow item of clothing and proudly wore a yellow ribbon to support the charity. The yellow ribbons had been made by pupils and sold to raise money for the cause.

We also held our first virtual assembly to highlight to our pupils the importance of mental health and talking about your problems - we even managed to run a virtual quiz designed by Young Minds which was very fun while raising important issues. You can find more information about Young Minds at


This half term we had a visit from Prevent and Protect who are a Salford based safeguarding charity that work with young people to offer tailor-made workshops around drugs, gangs and crime. They delivered an excellent session on gangs, followed by a workshop which involved boxing. The pupils really enjoyed this work and we look forward to welcoming Prevent and Protect back into Broadwalk to work with other pupils later in the year.

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