Core Curriculum Update Autumn 1 2020

All things English, maths and science...


In English this half term we have been working with the Art department to plan, create, draft and finalise original fairy tales. In English specifically, we have been reading from Phillip Pullman’s ‘Grimm Tales’ which has given us a sound background in the conventions of fairy tales as well as looking into the history of more traditional tales. Pupils have worked hard on using success criteria to level up their creative writing skills and use the knowledge they have gained in their weekly SPaG lesson to come up with some truly inspirational, wacky and spooky tales that follow a narrative structure yet have the added element of a plot twist.


This term, pupils have been looking at fractions, long multiplication, decimals, negative numbers and decimals. Pupils have also been working on their personal Key Performance Indicators where they have been closing gaps in their personal learning. Alongside this, pupils have been taking part in numeracy lessons in order to secure knowledge and understanding. Overall, our pupils have had an excellent term in Maths, effort and behaviour has been excellent and this is reflected in the progress they have made! Well done to all our pupils.


We’ve been studying ‘elements’ this half term and have had a close look at the group 1 block in the periodic table. Lessons have included some practical work or a demonstration and pupils have responded positively and are generally keen to learn. Pupils have shown that they understand the importance of working safely and have respected the ‘work code’ for the Science laboratory. Examples of some practical's include: ‘The whoosh bottle’, ‘Gummy bear Chemistry’, ‘Lithium in batteries’ and ‘Reactions of sodium, potassium and lithium with water’. We’ve had a look at alternative fuels like hydrogen to drive cars as the combustion of diesel and petrol can produce gases like carbon dioxide which lead to global warming. Pupils have explained reactions by looking at atomic structure and the role electrons play in an element's reactivity. Gases used to lift and move airships have been discussed with a focus on a tragic accident from the past ‘the Hindenburg disaster’.

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