Enrichment curriculum update Autumn 1 2020

Our enrichment curriculum allows pupils to take part in a wide variety of activities to support their core subjects. Enrichment lessons include: I Can Do It, Food Technology, Computing, Art and P.E. We teach R.E now discreetly through a course we have called Cultural Studies and Religion (CSR)


In art this half term we have been working with the English department to create handmade books comprising the visual elements of the stories they are writing in English. This has been a mixed media project comprising character drawings, landscapes, papier mache and craft. Pupils have explored styles of illustration in traditional fairy tales, and investigated how to add drama and atmosphere to their stories using colour and symbolism.


In Computing this half term the pupils have firstly, been familiarising themselves with RM Unify and how to use Teams successfully, with the intention that any isolating pupils, can seamlessly continue learning remotely. Secondly, with a theme of ‘Online Safety’ running through the unit, pupils have been practising sending formal and informal emails and using presentation software effectively. Finally, the pupils have delivered confident Cyberbullying presentations to an audience.

Food Technology

In Food Technology this half term we have been looking at the importance of safety in a kitchen and food hygiene. In addition to this we have also looked at how to correctly use a cooker, what the functions are of certain practical materials that we would use when cooking and finally be able to correctly choose a chopping board relating to its food type. The pupils have also made some fantastic recipes this term, such as, chicken satay, Gordan Ramsey perfect scrambled eggs with bacon and avocado, Sticky toffee pudding, Aussie crunch, chocolate chip cookies, spaghetti carbonara and pitta pizzas. All the pupils have worked extremely hard this term and have produced some fantastic work.

Physical Education

Pupils this half term have participated in a range of sports and activities. Firstly, extreme sports have been a focus. Pupils have demonstrated the ability to observe members of the public perform the fundamentals and attempt to repeat those skills acquired to achieve their individual goals, whilst stepping out of their comfort zones. Additionally, pupils have had the opportunity to engage in Parkour and Trampolining, allowing them to express their creativity and perform higher order movement patterns I.e. front summersault. Moreover, pupils have demonstrated a resilience to learn how to perform a successful golf swing, measured against a variety of KPI’s. Theoretically, pupils have explored the relationship between sports, countries and historical figures and the impacts those individuals have had within society.

Through engagement in group discussions, pupils have produced outstanding work that has contributed towards their files.

Personal, Social and Health Education

This half term pupils have studied drugs and alcohol. They learnt about where drugs come from, the consequences associated with drug misuse and the penalties for supplying or being in possession of drugs in classes A, B & C. In addition, they have learnt about New Psychoactive Substances, such as Spice, and the connotations linked to using these types of drugs. In the latter part of the half term pupils have looked at alcohol and have been thinking about how this impacts on people’s lives in both positive and negative ways. They have also been using their maths skills to work out how much alcohol is in a range of drinks. All pupils have produced some fantastic work and should be proud of their achievements!

Cultural Studies and Religion

In CSR this half term the focus has been moral questions. Pupils have studied a range of topics, such as, drink driving, genetic modification and defending your property against theft. They have also thought about how different religions would respond to these questions.

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